Best Brand of Stethoscope for a Medical Student/Doctors

Why every medical student must go with Littmann classic Stethoscope?

In India, there are thousands of brands available for stethoscope. There are many new brands too coming in market to woo new medical students and doctors, but littmann remains the best brand for stethoscope in India. Even if you go for poll, i am sure littmann classic stethoscope will win the best Indian stethoscope award for sure.

best stethoscopeAnyway, here is we are explaining some of the reason why we must go with littmann classic stethoscope, than any other device. There are many more brands like healthgenie, hi tech MSI, JSB and rossmax etc to having stethoscope in market but no one can beat the quality of littmann.

Below are some of the know but amazing features and reason to go with littmann classic stethoscope;


All doctors and medico needs to carry stethoscope in their neck all day. In that case, you need a light weight stethoscope which you can carry easily and not feel like burden (because its one of the important device which you need everywhere). Littmann classic stethoscope is made of plastic material and its quite lightweight and long durable as well. Always buy original products of littmann and you will never disappoint.

Acoustic performance

When it comes to performance, no other brand’s stethoscope can beat littmann. The performance it gives with its acoustic sound, you will hardly find any match to this sound in any other brand. All the doctors and medical students always praises littmann classic for their acoustic sound which they can’t get in any other stethoscope. It provides you crystal clear sound which helps you to treat patient very easily.


Littmann have very good name in the market and they totally deserve it. Even their cardiology stethoscope does provide long durability. Most of the stethoscope of littmann provides up to 7 years of warranty which is quite good in the market. Their tools and parts which are used in making of this stethoscope is quite of high quality and yes doctors, this stethoscope will last longer than anything.

Latest technology

Unlike other brands, littmann has used latest technology in classic stethoscope which provides you high and low frequencies using diagraph technology. So, if you like to have clear and good sounds of heart beats (from both high and low frequency), you must go with the littmann classic stethoscope.

Only drawback…

Though the drawback is not related to the quality of the stethoscope, it is about the price. No doubt littmann classic stethoscope is best stethoscope in India and has high quality parts, latest technology used, but it does have high price. Compared to other brand’s stethoscope, littmann has quite high price. Such high price cannot be affordable for many students but its one time investment; it has good durability as well.

So, these are the reasons, we highly recommend you all for the littmann classic stethoscope. If you are going buy new stethoscope, always go for the littmann.

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