How To Increase Your Running Time Easily? – Jogging Tips

An improvement in the stamina of running is linked to consistency. There is no shortcut through which running stamina can be increased. According to popular belief, it takes the duration of 10 days to 4 weeks to acquire running benefits. The period is dependent on the running type.

Want to Increase Your Running Time? Follow These Tips

Running TimeIf you want to increase the stamina of your running capability, then first you must make a proper analysis of your present aerobic base and then build your strategies according to that. You might be a newcomer, who wants to complete the first 5k or you might be an experienced runner, who aspires to improve the stamina for the last phases of the marathon without hitting the wall.  

Let’s discuss some strategies through which you can fulfil your goal of improving running stamina. But before implementing any strategy, don’t forget to consult an expert.

Consistency is Important

If you want to improve your aerobic capacity and running distance, then you need to be consistent. That’s why a proper training is very important. Consistent training is helpful in building the aerobic base, enhancing one’s aerobic capacity (the amount of oxygen one’s muscles can utilize) and strengthening the muscles of that person. Whenever you start adding extra runs to the week, they need to be slow and easy. After consulting an expert, you can make a goal of 3 to 4 sessions/week for the duration of 30 minutes or more.

Run Long

If you want to run further, then you need to run further into reality. Remember, to fulfil a big goal, you need to work hard but how much hard? A professional in this field can specify this better. You can enhance your long run activity by 5 – 10 minutes of duration or by adding 0.5 – 1 mile every time.

Whenever you start a bigger amount of training focused on a half marathon or marathon, then the long run needs to be approximately 30 – 50% of the total distance involving the week. Therefore, it is very important to continue the activity of long run at a sustainable and slow pace.

A large number of people have a tendency to run their long run in a speedy manner and so they struggle to finish. You should go slowly by focusing on the distance coverage. Speed and endurance are connected to each other.

Tempo Runs

It is a special type of run in which a shorter distance is covered at a higher pace, as compared to your normal training. This type of training trains one’s body in clearing the lactic acid from that person’s bloodstream in a faster manner. It signifies a person can run longer prior to becoming fatigued, building up the lactic acid, and slowing down that person.

Eating for Endurance

It is all about carbs. Being a runner, it is important to emphasize on carbs. How much carbs should you take? Consult an expert and get a detailed list of the customized diet chart. It is not required to take a huge amount of pasta at each meal, however, remember the intake of carb should be complementary to the particular training. Prior to a long run, it is crucial to take a meal based on the carb. It provides sufficient energy so that you can cover the distance.

If you feel that, you are tired or experiencing a low mood, then enhance your carbs. Always choose complex carbohydrates, including brown rice, whole grains, and oatmeal rather than sugary foods and refined carbs.

If you want to improve your running distance, then you need to have a proper plan first. Always get connected to a professional in this field. If you are going to run on the treadmill, you can follow our safety tips before starting on it.

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