Top 4 Common Gym Injuries & Ways to Avoid Them

Whatever may be your fitness goals are, getting injured is for sure not one we guess. But according to research and studies, it has been found out that there are 35 % more chances added to be injured in the gym training sessions.

Nowadays gym has become very essential for everybody to keep themselves very keen and fit all time all day. In that case, you never care about your physical health, as your strains, pulled legs and other vein problems too. Getting injured in gym sessions is always been the worst part as no one wants to get injured anyhow. And somehow we always try to not get injured but that’s what we end up doing with as it is slightly unbelievable to know that people now a days are getting injured more frequently and there are not precaution about it.

Common Gym InjuriesFoot and ankle Related Injuries

Reasons :- When someone tried to explain you the exercise of ankle and foot, your half body comes at stake. People only spend their days in front of the computers just mumbling out the technology and never care about the fitness. And when you become a beanbag and unfortunately, and your feet and ankles start to bear the brunt impact as they carry the weight.

How to prevent?

What you should do is, try not to wear a shoe which high in heels or else start wearing shoes which are walking shoes. By helping your feet do all these, you will surely be procured by the symptoms of Plantar and Bunions.

Knee Injuries

Reasons:- The sitting desk job again and at the day time we don’t use our hip muscle more. If our feet are not stable, due to not wearing proper footwear, and our hip muscles are not at all strong, the knee gets all the stress eventually. Some extended exercise such as leg extensions, curls, and presses don’t help resolve the problem because they don’t strengthen the muscles of the feet and hips and they just make it hard to resist and flow more blood through.

How to prevent?

A better exercise that can be definitely done is lunges. With huge lunge, your hip and ankle both bend to extreme and eventually strengthen your ability. To get even more benefit, you should even do the lunges side by side and both forward and backward.

Shoulder Injuries

Reasons:- If you don’t know then let me say that when you type or write at you jobs or home, your arms are working and which affects the shoulder at last. Then eventually you go to the gym and do shoulder press, chest press and pull up and push-ups as exercises and you may catch some major injuries harming your arm and shoulder moreover.

How to prevent?

You just need to extremely rotate your arms so that your shoulder stays at place and do not dis-locate from its place and you need to completely make it feel free so that it can be better as before.

So, here were some of the common injuries that happens and their cure, that how can you prevent them before happening.

There are many injuries which you may cause to yourself and will not come to know about it eventually but some injuries affects your daily life which is worst in a case as on side, you come up with some basic injuries of dis-locating and hurt by equipment and strains and etc. and you never realize how hard it is to survive that injuries in your body. We hope this article may help you with many preventive ideas for injuries and do well in the fitness track.


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