How to Check Blood Sugar Level at Home? – Simple Guide

The blood that flows in our veins carries sugar. This sugar is produced from the food we eat. Insulin, a chemical that generates in our body regulates the blood sugar level in the blood. When our body stops producing insulin, the blood sugar becomes abnormal and the condition is known as Diabetes. When the concentration of sugar in blood increases, the condition is known as hyperglycemia and when the concentration decreases it is known as hypoglycemia. Abnormality of blood sugar level may lead to severe problems like blindness, kidney diseases, stroke risk, anxiety, dizziness and sweating.

Check Blood Sugar Level At HomeThe regular monitoring of Blood Sugar is done by testing the glycemic index. It is very important for diabetes patients to get it checked on regular basis and to plan their activities and meals accordingly.

Blood Sugar can be tested at home with the help of glucometer. The glucometers are very easy to use and are accompanied with lancets, tiny needles, log books and test strips. Regular diabetic patients can take a huge benefit by using a glucometer on regular basis. Patients who take insulin on daily basis need to check blood sugar once or twice a day.

10 Step Guide to Check Blood Sugar Level At Home

To check Blood Sugar at home, one should be able to use glucometer effectively. The process of using a glucometer is mentioned below in a stepwise manner.

  1. Clean your hands with soap.
  2. Take out the glucometer, test strips, lancets and needles. You also need an alcohol pad along with.
  3. Switch on the glucometer and insert the test strip when it is ready.
  4. Wipe the tip of the finger with alcohol pad to prepare it. Wait for the alcohol to evaporate.
  5. Puncture the skin of the finger tip with the needle or lancet and gently squeeze it to get one or two drops of blood.
  6. Pour the drop of the blood on the strip at the required point.
  7. The result will be on the screen in less than 15 minutes.
  8. Read the result shown on glucometer screen.
  9. Always keep a track of your readings so that your doctor can analyze these to develop a unique treatment for you.
  10. There are some glucometers that keep track of your recordings in their memory.
  11. You can also download an app on your mobile or laptop to keep the record so that you can analyze it later.

Different Blood Sugar levels:

  • The normal blood sugar level before meal i.e. fasting is 70-99 mgdl.
  • Normal Blood Sugar level after two hours of meal i.e. postprandial is less than 140 mgdl.

You can check Blood Sugar for more than two or three times a day either after sleeping, exercising, before or after driving etc to get an accurate picture.

Ideal blood sugar range may differ for different persons or at different age. If you see unusual results, please check and recalibrate your meter and test strips.

Remember to change batteries of your glucometer from time to time to keep it working accurately.

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