Best Stethoscope in India for Medical Students (of Top Brand) 2018

The most essential instrument of your medical career, stethoscope is an imperative part of a doctor’s personality. The best stethoscope for medical students in India makes auscultation a far better experience for you and your patients. The right stethoscope could actually optimize your patient care level.

The best Indian stethoscope is the most precise tool that is going to assist you throughout your medical career. It will assist you in accurate diagnosis which can be followed by a good treatment.

Top 6 Best Stethoscope in India [2018]

Sr.NoProduct NameUser RatingsPrice
#01Littmann Classic Iii Stethoscope4.9/5
#02Rossmax Cardiology EB6004.8/5
#033M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope4.8/5
#04JSB S04 Sprague Rappaport4.7/5
#05Hi Tech Msi Microtone Stethoscope4.7/5
#06Healthgenie HG-401G4.6/5

Basically, stethoscope performs the function of detecting sound produced in the human body. The sound is conveyed through the ears of the listener when the other piece comes in contact with the area to be examined. The stethoscope is specially used for heart, chest and lungs. Any unusual murmur sound in the chest or lungs declare the presence of a disease.

The origin of stethoscope can be traced back to 1819, when a French physician La’nnec invented a crude model to hear sound from the chest cavity. His invention was purely based on his necessity. He felt uncomfortable to hear from the chest of women and the device added distance between her chest and his ears.

The best stethoscope in India can be considered as the diagnostic engine of the medical profession. This diagnostic engine can easily detect any kind of fault intervening the normal functioning of the body.

The kind of stethoscopes used now-a-days are the most recognizable equipments of medical profession. The Indosurgicals stethoscope reviews suggest that people automatically relate more to the doctors who have a stethoscope round their necks.

best stethoscopeBased on their working, requirement and outer circumstances, the most used medical tool by medical technicians or doctors can be divides in four major categories.

  1. Acoustic: The best-known stethoscope works on the acoustic air waves. The sound level is really low in these stethoscopes.
  2. Electronic: Their main function is to convert analog signals into digital one. They amplify the sound levels to deal with the high background noises.
  3. Fetal: As the name suggests, it is designed for pregnant women. Doctors or nurses use it to check fetal heartbeat.
  4. Doppler: This kind of stethoscope helps in detecting motion by reading sound waves.

Selecting a right stethoscope for you is an imperative task. It should go beyond the brand names, price and hearsay. Follow below given instructions to pick a quality stethoscope.

How to Choose the Best Stethoscope for Daily Use?

Intended use: The very first thing you need to look for while buying a stethoscope is its intended use. The best stethoscope brands in India go perfectly well if you want to use it for basic blood pressure check and sporadic examinations. A normal acoustic stethoscope will go well in this situation and you do not need to take out loan for electronic or fine-tunable stethoscope.

The case becomes totally different if you are a family doctor, primary veterinarian or emergency medical professional. In that case, most likely you will need a multiple sized diaphragm, maximum ambient noise isolation and a headset designed considering comfort in mind.

Chest Piece: The best stethoscope for doctors in India is available with different chest pieces. The design of the chest piece includes a bell and a diaphragm. Most of the medical professionals know well about the top 5 stethoscope brands but if you are unaware of the fact, it is better to experiment first 2-3 times. You need to find the best stethoscope under 1000 so that you can try different brands.

It is advised to prefer diaphragms made from non-chilling material because very few patients enjoy the touch of cold one.

Leaf spring: The presence of leaf spring assures that the stethoscope is not made from any cheap material. Leaf spring controls the tension of the headset tube. The weight of the material and the adjustability define the best stethoscope in India.

The one with large, tight and non-adjustable headsets may not suit one who is large headed and the loose fitted headset may not snug up properly to medical professionals with smaller heads.

Spending a few more bucks can assure you acoustic quality and a perfect fit.

Double or single tube: Choosing a single or double tube is a constant point of contention among medical professionals. Double wall tubing obviously increases the insulation. Being thicker, the sound directly reaches the ears through the tubes.

However, many reviews support the opposite. They say that single wall tubes are superior in every way. If you are under training or have just started your career, one or two sets are good enough to give you a good experience and decide your preference.

Hand polished tubing: Handcrafted stethoscopes are not better always but if the manufacturer has a good reputation, you should give it a try once. A poor polish on the outer surface gives it a poor look only but poor polish inside the tube reduces the acoustic performance.

On the whole, hand polishes features assure a superior acoustic performance.

Ear tip design: Stethoscopes with soft-silicone ear tips should be preferred. It ensures the comfortable wear ability. Secondly, material should be durable, scratches, crack proof and naturally disinfectant.

Material used: The lightweight, bacteria resistant material should be preferred. They last long and can withstand more consistent cleaning.

Advantages of Using Stethoscope

The most used medical instrument, stethoscope has a number of benefits. The capability and features of stethoscope may vary, but they all have a lot in common. We have listed a few advantages of the stethoscope. Have a look:

  1. Amplified sound output: The basic function of the stethoscopes is the amplification of the sound. It receives the sound, amplifies it and makes it easier and faster to reach the ears of the medical specialists. Sound amplification helps doctors to detect and determine the patient’s medical condition quickly.
  2. Ambient noise reduction: The earpiece of the stethoscope kind of insulates your ears from all the noises of the environment. It enables you to detect the internal body’s noises accurately.
  3. It is painless: A major advantage offered by the stethoscope is that is never causes any pain. It does not include any needles that puncture your skin but just skin contact. A few stethoscopes are so advanced that they do not need direct contact with your skin and can work over clothes as well.
  4. Little training: Using this medical instrument does not need much training at all. One just needs to have little knowledge about where to place the diaphragm in order to hear the sound. Stethoscopes are uncomplicated, simple to operate and quick.

Electronic stethoscopes have far more advantages than normal ones. They can even detect very weak humming sound coming from the heart. They have the ability to record and replay readings. The medical practitioner can use this saved data to transfer it to his patients or so.

In electronic stethoscopes, practitioners can alter the frequencies and increase the speed at some particular frequency. It ensures more accurate results and even better diagnosis.

Electronic stethoscopes also have digital meters that allow medical technicians to assess the visual displays of the sound they are looking for. It helps them to notice the auditory channels in a better way and detect the further things in a better way.

You will get many stethoscope for medical students like 3m littmann stethoscope and microtone stethoscope, which is even equally good for the doctors as well. There are many good stethoscope available under 1000 or 3000 price from best barnds. Do check out the above table of best stethoscope in India and buy the best one.

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