Which is The Best Glucometer Brand in India 2018?

Are You Searching for Which is the Best Glucometer in India?

Diabetes is not a rare disease anymore. It is such a common issue that normally one person every two families is suffering from it. The alarmingly high rate of change in blood sugar levels has made India, the Diabetes capital of the world. Around 50 million people in India are suffering from type-2 diabetes. To control this, we must spared awareness to check daily sugar level in blood with help of best Glucometer. The disease is posing enormous health hazards and there is very less awareness regarding how to control it.

Our Picks – Best Glucometer in India 2018

Sr.NoProduct NameUser RatingsPrice
#01Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer4.9/5
#02Accu Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter4.9/5
#03Truworth Diamond Prima Glucometer4.8/5
#04Dr. Gene Accu Sure Gm4.8/5
#05OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer4.8/5
#06Alere G1 Glucometer4.7/5
#07Truworth G-30 Glucometer Blue4.7/5

One ought to know that diabetes is a medical condition which is caused by insufficient production and secretion of insulin in pancreas. This chronic medical condition can be controlled and altered on initial level through a few lifestyle changes or administrating external insulin.

The best Glucometer review in India suggests that it is a small, computerized device that can monitor your blood sugar levels on a regular basis and saves you from the risk of fluctuation in it. The frequent monitoring of sugar level in your blood helps you to avoid any kind of serious health conditions. Like doing exercise is necessary for health, checking sugar level is that much important.

Despite taking all the precautions, your blood sugar levels can be very erratic at times. A certain type of food or your lethargic lifestyle can work as a catalyst at this place. The best glucometers in India lets you check your blood sugar level after every meal or at fixed time period and this way it helps you to control for eating and living habits. This way it helps to keep a check on your health all the time.

Market is full of a good variety of glucometers but each one is not perfect. The basic models of the best blood sugar testing machine in India can only read blood sugar levels but the advanced ones can store the results in their memory.  You can choose the one that is suitable for you, based on their accuracy of measurement and time taken to provide results.

How to Choose the Best Glucometer in India?

This buyer’s guide will definitely help you to choose the best glucometer in India 2018 for you and your family.

Check Blood Sugar Level At HomeAccuracy: Accuracy is an important feature especially when the outcome is related to your health. The problem is that no meter can provide you 100% accurate results. The results are always within 10-15% of accuracy. The accuracy of the glucometer can also decreases with the time. Hence, try to pick a model that is open for calibrating and keep it checking with your doctor’s result every month. The most accurate glucose meter India will help you in many ways.

Cost and maintenance of the meter: Obviously, the initial cost of any product influence your buying decision in a huge way. In case of glucometers, the decision also depends on the cost of test strips which are to be consumed regularly. Compare the price of glucometer and test strips wisely. Prefer the best glucometer in India which has economical test strips because buying a meter is one time investment but test strips are the recurring cost of the meter.

Turnaround time: A few minutes may seem inconsequential when you are waiting for your test results. Some machine may take a minute to provide results while others may take less than 5 seconds to do the same. Prefer the quickest ones because your time is important.

Physical features: The appearance or physical features of any product plays a deciding role in its sale. A good-looking meter can probably make the blood test more bearable. The construction of the meter and the quality of its buttons leaves a huge impact on the patient. The best glucometer brands in India are deliberately styled.

Memory: The glucometer you choose must be able to store and retrieve the results later when required. The memory size of the meter should be sufficient for you. For example if you test your blood sugar level twice a day, the memory of the meter should be above 100 tests to keep a track of 20 days. A few models provide you with the benefit of downloading results on your mobile or PC.

Size of the meter: The size of the meter is another important feature. The compact size of the glucometers is fairly impressive. If you generally carry them along, the compact size makes it easier for you. Make sure the size of the meter fits your requirements.

Coding system: Some glucometers run on coding system. You need to insert a certain code before using a new set of test strips. It helps in delivering more accurate results.

Size of the blood sample: Look for the size of the blood sample before you choose the best glucometer. Smaller sample size means you need less blood to perform the blood test. Ideally, a 1-1.5 micro liter blood drop is enough to perform the test.

Ease to use: A few meters are difficult to use. Tell your pharmacist to show a few models and choose the one that is comfortable to use. Videos of a few models are also available that can guide you well.

Dealing with diabetes is not easy but it does not mean that your life should revolve around this condition. The best glucometer in India lets you check your blood sugar levels instantly anywhere and at anytime you want. The best glucometer brands in India are creating awareness In the country regarding these devices.

Benefits of Using Best Glucometer Daily

Dealing with diabetes maybe a compulsion but do not let your life revolve around it. Invest in glucometer and take a control on your disease. Glucometers can help you and make you lives easier and healthier in many ways. Have a look:-

  1. It enables you to see your current sugar levels- If you are someone who keeps so much busy with your daily schedules, glucometers can be savior for you. This small device can accompany you anywhere you go and keep a record of your blood sugar levels. The device can tell your blood sugar level in real time and you can set it easily to take your optimal levels into consideration.
  2. Know your history, predict your future: It is an extraordinary feature of the glucometers. It not only tells your history but has the ability to predict your future outcome as well. Trend arrows can show you where you’re your blood sugar level will reach in next 1, 3, 6 or 12 hours and how fast it will reach at the next step.
  3. Provides you required alerts: Sometimes, you get caught up in some event and forget to check your blood sugar levels. Meanwhile, your blood sugar levels can raise dangerously high or low. A few glucometers can offer alerts and notify you before your ignorance becomes a serious problem. This feature can prove more helpful in nights when you are sleeping.
  4. Trend waves: The trending waves can show you past, present and future graph description of blood sugar levels. It helps you in understanding you present in a better way and predicting your future. Basically, it lets you know how your lifestyle changes affect your blood sugar levels and how certain kind of food impacts your body.

All these points clear how important it is to use the best glucometer available in India. It helps you to achieve a better future or lifestyle.

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