Top 5 Best Blood Pressure Monitor in India 2018

Blood pressure issues are extremely basic around the globe, particularly in mid-age groups. It is possible that you have hypertension or low pulse you need to gauge it routinely. Hence this article has listed some of the best blood pressure monitor India which a great many people tend to purchase.

Our Picks – Best Blood Pressure Monitor in India

Sr.NoProduct NameUser RatingsPrice
#01Omron HEM-71204.5/5
#02Dr. Morepen BP One BP094.5/5
#03Rossmax GB1024.4/5
#04Healthsense BP1004.4/5
#05Dr. Trust Smart Talking4.3/5

These are the comparison of top blood pressure monitor of India. Now check out the detail reviews of all the top mot blood pressure monitor devices in details with their pros/cons and specification.

#1 Omron HEM-7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-7120The Omron HEM 7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is a minimal as well as an exceptionally valuable medical instrument to have around particularly in the event that you have to constantly check your BP. The Omron Blood Pressure Monitor is a completely programmed BP screen which guarantees a high exactness reading, solace, and usability.

This gadget comes outfitted with the upgraded Intellisense innovation to enable you to get a very precise perusing. The intellisense innovation empowers the therapeutic apparatus to gauge your BP with a standard deviation of under 4mmHg. In addition, this restorative gadget accompanies an LCD display which is obvious to the eyes and can spare the last reading of your BP.


  • Simple, single-touch operation
  • Body movement discovery and hypertension pointer
  • uneven heartbeat finding
  • Memory for last reading plus a concurrent display of systolic, diastolic as well as pulse rate
  • 1 Year Warranty from date of acquisition.


  • It has trouble-free, one-touch procedure.
  • It finds body movement.
  • It has hypertension pointer.
  • It observes uneven heartbeat.
  • Its battery life is 1000 measurements.
  • It has a 1-year


  • It has memory for merely last reading so no standard can be taken.
  • It doesn’t have BP level pointer.
  • It has cuff wrapping guide.

#2 Dr. Morepen BP One BP09

Dr Morepen BPDr. Morepen blood pressure monitor is intended to quantify the pulse and heartbeat rate basically and rapidly. The fabricate nature of the screen is great. It has a dark show. This item underpins unpredictable pulse identification. So if the machine distinguishes that your pulse variety isn’t ordinary, it won’t show an outcome and it will alarm you.

One of the upsides of this best blood pressure monitor India is that it can recognize a heartbeat in the scope of 30-180 pulsates/minute. There is a little arrow on the BP machine that shows the level on which your weight estimation falls.


  •  4 users line
  • Uneven heartbeat detection
  • Low battery discovery
  • Comes with WHO BP classification indication
  • Averages the final 3 readings
  • Memory 120 Records.


  • Support for 4 user reports
  • Saves date as well as the time of the measurement
  • Detects uneven heartbeats.


  • Merely a year’s warranty
  • Body motion while taking measurement can influence the ultimate values
  • Sometimes, the monitor develops wrong readings.

#3 Rossmax GB102 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor

Rossmax GB102It is the only aneroid best blood pressure monitor India. The Rossmax GB101 has a cuff, sphygmomanometer (cut on the back) as well as an elastic ball with steel Chrome-plated metal air discharge valve and all are of good quality. The chrome covered metal valve controls the section of air into the cuff.

It implies that air will pass in one way while taking BP. nevertheless, in case you are estimating your BP without any help, it is more advantageous to hold the device in your palm of the arm utilized for wrapping the cuff.


  • Chrome-plate brass air liberate valve
  • Black enamel 300 mmHg nonstop pin dependable manometer
  • Rubber-base paint free cuff
  • Light-weight stethoscope
  • 2 years warranty.


  • No batteries needed as well as no need to charge as well.
  • Accuracy is enhanced when compared to digital monitors.
  • The stethoscope is incorporated into the monitor.
  • A pouch is offered with the monitor so that you can keep it safely whenever you go outside.


  • You need to learn how to check pressure.
  • Care in maintaining is needed or else the rubber pipes will get spoilt.

#4 Healthsense BP100 HeartMate Classic

Healthsense BP100On a solitary look, the digital blood pressure monitor will look like any other ordinary screen with fundamental capacities yet it packs in a great deal more. This gadget is profoundly exact in checking hypertension as well as furthermore distinguishes unpredictable pulse. It has the special talking capacity the first of its kind in India and isn’t hard to work with no guideline and can likewise be used in noisy environs.


  • Talking work and indicates body motion
  • Newest plus superior Oscillometric with BP level voice command
  • Unequal heartbeat signal with alarm function as a BP check reminder
  • 2 consumer memory with 90 individual records, big LCD 40×60 mm, broad BP Cuff 22-42cm


  • Talking utility (English Voice), body motion display
  • Latest as well as enhanced Oscillometric technology
  • Uneven Heartbeat pointer, an alarm utility


  • Expensive

#5 Dr. Trust Smart Talking Automatic

Dr. Trust Smart TalkingDr. Trust automatic blood pressure monitor has a one of a kind talking highlight with extremely easy to comprehend English lingo.  It guides you the stages to estimate and lastly peruses the outcomes. It’s simply your talking guide to good health.


  • Patented Zebra Lights which makes the display beautiful
  • Digits in bright white on rich black stunning LCD
  • Fuzzy algorithm excellent precision
  • Shuns over pumping plus guarantees high accuracy
  • The highest paradigm of quality
  • Patented equipment with1 year warranty


  • Automatic inflation in addition to deflation
  • Low battery pointer
  • Date as well as time display
  • Broad cuff
  • Premium plan
  • WHO pointer


  • Old model.


You may pick any of the above best blood pressure monitor India for your home use. These are better than average items that can serve you for quite a while with no issues. While you can’t pronounce a single blood pressure measuring device, as the most excellent but one can surely select a unit as best in light of the value it conveys at a given cost we pay for.

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