Top 5 Best Blood Pressure Monitor in India 2018

Blood pressure issues are extremely basic around the globe, particularly in mid-age groups. It is possible that you have hypertension or low pulse you need to gauge it routinely. Hence this article has listed some of the best blood pressure monitor India which a great many people tend to purchase.

Our Picks – Best Blood Pressure Monitor in India

Sr.NoProduct NameUser RatingsPrice
#01Omron HEM-71204.5/5
#02Dr. Morepen BP One BP094.5/5
#03Rossmax GB1024.4/5
#04Healthsense BP1004.4/5
#05Dr. Trust Smart Talking4.3/5

These are the comparison of top blood pressure monitor of India. Now check out the detail reviews of all the top mot blood pressure monitor devices in details with their pros/cons and specification.

#1 Omron HEM-7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-7120The Omron HEM 7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is a minimal as well as an exceptionally valuable medical instrument to have around particularly in the event that you have to constantly check your BP. The Omron Blood Pressure Monitor is a completely programmed BP screen which guarantees a high exactness reading, solace, and usability.

This gadget comes outfitted with the upgraded Intellisense innovation to enable you to get a very precise perusing. The intellisense innovation empowers the therapeutic apparatus to gauge your BP with a standard deviation of under 4mmHg. In addition, this restorative gadget accompanies an LCD display which is obvious to the eyes and can spare the last reading of your BP.


  • Simple, single-touch operation
  • Body movement discovery and hypertension pointer
  • uneven heartbeat finding
  • Memory for last reading plus a concurrent display of systolic, diastolic as well as pulse rate
  • 1 Year Warranty from date of acquisition.


  • It has trouble-free, one-touch procedure.
  • It finds body movement.
  • It has hypertension pointer.
  • It observes uneven heartbeat.
  • Its battery life is 1000 measurements.
  • It has a 1-year


  • It has memory for merely last reading so no standard can be taken.
  • It doesn’t have BP level pointer.
  • It has cuff wrapping guide.

#2 Dr. Morepen BP One BP09

Dr Morepen BPDr. Morepen blood pressure monitor is intended to quantify the pulse and heartbeat rate basically and rapidly. The fabricate nature of the screen is great. It has a dark show. This item underpins unpredictable pulse identification. So if the machine distinguishes that your pulse variety isn’t ordinary, it won’t show an outcome and it will alarm you.

One of the upsides of this best blood pressure monitor India is that it can recognize a heartbeat in the scope of 30-180 pulsates/minute. There is a little arrow on the BP machine that shows the level on which your weight estimation falls.


  •  4 users line
  • Uneven heartbeat detection
  • Low battery discovery
  • Comes with WHO BP classification indication
  • Averages the final 3 readings
  • Memory 120 Records.


  • Support for 4 user reports
  • Saves date as well as the time of the measurement
  • Detects uneven heartbeats.


  • Merely a year’s warranty
  • Body motion while taking measurement can influence the ultimate values
  • Sometimes, the monitor develops wrong readings.

#3 Rossmax GB102 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor

Rossmax GB102It is the only aneroid best blood pressure monitor India. The Rossmax GB101 has a cuff, sphygmomanometer (cut on the back) as well as an elastic ball with steel Chrome-plated metal air discharge valve and all are of good quality. The chrome covered metal valve controls the section of air into the cuff.

It implies that air will pass in one way while taking BP. nevertheless, in case you are estimating your BP without any help, it is more advantageous to hold the device in your palm of the arm utilized for wrapping the cuff.


  • Chrome-plate brass air liberate valve
  • Black enamel 300 mmHg nonstop pin dependable manometer
  • Rubber-base paint free cuff
  • Light-weight stethoscope
  • 2 years warranty.


  • No batteries needed as well as no need to charge as well.
  • Accuracy is enhanced when compared to digital monitors.
  • The stethoscope is incorporated into the monitor.
  • A pouch is offered with the monitor so that you can keep it safely whenever you go outside.


  • You need to learn how to check pressure.
  • Care in maintaining is needed or else the rubber pipes will get spoilt.

#4 Healthsense BP100 HeartMate Classic

Healthsense BP100On a solitary look, the digital blood pressure monitor will look like any other ordinary screen with fundamental capacities yet it packs in a great deal more. This gadget is profoundly exact in checking hypertension as well as furthermore distinguishes unpredictable pulse. It has the special talking capacity the first of its kind in India and isn’t hard to work with no guideline and can likewise be used in noisy environs.


  • Talking work and indicates body motion
  • Newest plus superior Oscillometric with BP level voice command
  • Unequal heartbeat signal with alarm function as a BP check reminder
  • 2 consumer memory with 90 individual records, big LCD 40×60 mm, broad BP Cuff 22-42cm


  • Talking utility (English Voice), body motion display
  • Latest as well as enhanced Oscillometric technology
  • Uneven Heartbeat pointer, an alarm utility


  • Expensive

#5 Dr. Trust Smart Talking Automatic

Dr. Trust Smart TalkingDr. Trust automatic blood pressure monitor has a one of a kind talking highlight with extremely easy to comprehend English lingo.  It guides you the stages to estimate and lastly peruses the outcomes. It’s simply your talking guide to good health.


  • Patented Zebra Lights which makes the display beautiful
  • Digits in bright white on rich black stunning LCD
  • Fuzzy algorithm excellent precision
  • Shuns over pumping plus guarantees high accuracy
  • The highest paradigm of quality
  • Patented equipment with1 year warranty


  • Automatic inflation in addition to deflation
  • Low battery pointer
  • Date as well as time display
  • Broad cuff
  • Premium plan
  • WHO pointer


  • Old model.


You may pick any of the above best blood pressure monitor India for your home use. These are better than average items that can serve you for quite a while with no issues. While you can’t pronounce a single blood pressure measuring device, as the most excellent but one can surely select a unit as best in light of the value it conveys at a given cost we pay for.

Top 8 Benefits of Doing Pranayama Daily

Pranayam forms a part of the Yoga structure that shows you the art of broadening your breath in a wide range of ways. While practicing pranayama the breath ought to be skillfully breathed in, breathed out and held. It shows you to change the depth, rate, and pattern of breathing.

PranayamaBreathing is crucial for our survival as it is the main way we can send oxygen inside our body and into our organs. We can live for quite a long time without eating and days without water, but it is not possible to be live without breathing. When you learn the breathing procedures it will decidedly influence your activities and considerations. Each idea we have alters the rhythm of our breath. When we are happy breathing is musical and when we are stressed breathing is unpredictable and interrupted. Thus mastering the art of breathing is a vital step towards self- curing and survival.

Best time to Do Pranayama

Pranayam or breathing activity can be an awesome method to begin your day. Early morning is the best time to hone pranayama, particularly outside in fresh air. It is suggested that you do breathing activities on an empty stomach.

Health Benefits of Doing Pranayama

  1. Pranayam procedures are helpful in treating a wide variety of stress-related disorders.
  2. Pranayam enhances the autonomic capacities.
  3. It aides relieving the side effects of asthma.
  4. It lessens the indications of oxidative stress in the body.
  5. Practicing pranayam can aid steady mind, solid resolution, and sound judgment.
  6. Regular pranayama can broaden life and improve one’s view of life.
  7. Number of studies demonstrates that pranayam causes a change in the cardio respiratory framework including lowering of blood pressure
  8. Certain pranayams are magnificent for weight reduction.

Treadmill fitness before Yoga

In case you need to complete a session of cardio and sweat it out before going onto yoga to calm and unwind your body and also chill off, at that point that is flawlessly fine and you can utilize the treadmill for fitness. The cardio will really fill in as a warm-up and yoga will unwind the worked muscles. So when you complete your cardio and also yoga exercise, you will be in a total condition of unwinding.

In case you’re doing cardio before yoga, at that point, it is better that you complete a light pranayam to warm up and extend your muscles before getting into a completely fledged cardio work out. In the wake of doing cardio for 30-60 minutes, your blood flow will increment and your muscles will be genuinely warmed up. This will likewise expand your adaptability and you can leave on your yoga session with more prominent development and suppleness. Yoga will enable you to chill off and unwind after your cardio session.

Doing cardio before yoga works for some in light of the fact that the adrenaline surge that they feel after cardio keeps them fresh while doing yoga and the extending practices in yoga feel great after an intense cardio session.

Top Benefits of Using Stethoscope by Medical Professionals

The Stethoscope is a medical device that is utilized by specialists to tune in to inside sounds originating from the lungs, heart murmurs, the stomach, and even the digestion tracts. The most basic instrument of your medical profession stethoscope is a basic piece of a specialist’s identity. The Best Stethoscope in India for medical students improves auscultation a far better experience for you and your patients. The correct stethoscope could really optimize your patient care level.

stethoscopeThe best Indian stethoscope is the most specific instrument that will help you all through your medical career. It will help you in analyzing exactly and you can follow it with an excellent treatment.

Uses of Stethoscope

Fundamentally, stethoscope plays the function of recognizing sound delivered in the human body. The sound is passed on through the ears of the listener when the other piece interacts with the region to be inspected. The stethoscope is extraordinarily utilized for heart, chest, and lungs. Any unusual murmur sound in the chest or lungs shows the presence of an ailment.

The root of the stethoscope can be followed back to 1819 when a French doctor Laennec concocted an unrefined model to hear sound from the chest cavity. His development was absolutely in view of his need. He felt awkward to hear from woman’s’ chest as well as the gadget added distance between her chest and his ears.

The Best brand of the stethoscope in India can be considered as the analytic motor of the medical profession. This symptomatic motor can without much of a stretch identify any sort of fault mediating the typical working of the body.

These days’ stethoscopes are sought after both by medical experts and also nonexperts. It is essential that you go for preferred quality stethoscope rather over stethoscope cost.

Top Benefits of Using Stethoscope

The most utilized medical instrument, stethoscope has various advantages. The stethoscope has numerous advantages and they are as underneath:

#1 Amplified sound production

The fundamental capacity of the stethoscopes is the intensification of the sound. It gets the sound, amplifies it and makes it less demanding and speedier to achieve the ears of the medical specialists. Sound enhancement causes specialists to recognize and decide the patient’s medical condition rapidly.

#2 Ambient noise decrease

The earpiece of the stethoscope sort of protects your ears from every one of the noises of the environ. It empowers you to recognize the internal body’s noises precisely.

#3 It is trouble-free

A noteworthy benefit of the stethoscope is that it never brings on any pain. It does exclude any needles that cut your skin however simply skin contact. A couple of stethoscopes are advanced to the point that they don’t require direct contact with your skin and can work over clothes too.

#4 Very less training needed

Utilizing this medical instrument does not require much training. One simply needs little learning about where to put the pessary so as to hear the sound. Stethoscopes are uncomplicated, easy to work and fast.

These are the benefits of using stethoscope for medical students and doctors. For more updates on stethoscope, keep visiting us.

Best Brand of Stethoscope for a Medical Student/Doctors

Why every medical student must go with Littmann classic Stethoscope?

In India, there are thousands of brands available for stethoscope. There are many new brands too coming in market to woo new medical students and doctors, but littmann remains the best brand for stethoscope in India. Even if you go for poll, i am sure littmann classic stethoscope will win the best Indian stethoscope award for sure.

best stethoscopeAnyway, here is we are explaining some of the reason why we must go with littmann classic stethoscope, than any other device. There are many more brands like healthgenie, hi tech MSI, JSB and rossmax etc to having stethoscope in market but no one can beat the quality of littmann.

Below are some of the know but amazing features and reason to go with littmann classic stethoscope;


All doctors and medico needs to carry stethoscope in their neck all day. In that case, you need a light weight stethoscope which you can carry easily and not feel like burden (because its one of the important device which you need everywhere). Littmann classic stethoscope is made of plastic material and its quite lightweight and long durable as well. Always buy original products of littmann and you will never disappoint.

Acoustic performance

When it comes to performance, no other brand’s stethoscope can beat littmann. The performance it gives with its acoustic sound, you will hardly find any match to this sound in any other brand. All the doctors and medical students always praises littmann classic for their acoustic sound which they can’t get in any other stethoscope. It provides you crystal clear sound which helps you to treat patient very easily.


Littmann have very good name in the market and they totally deserve it. Even their cardiology stethoscope does provide long durability. Most of the stethoscope of littmann provides up to 7 years of warranty which is quite good in the market. Their tools and parts which are used in making of this stethoscope is quite of high quality and yes doctors, this stethoscope will last longer than anything.

Latest technology

Unlike other brands, littmann has used latest technology in classic stethoscope which provides you high and low frequencies using diagraph technology. So, if you like to have clear and good sounds of heart beats (from both high and low frequency), you must go with the littmann classic stethoscope.

Only drawback…

Though the drawback is not related to the quality of the stethoscope, it is about the price. No doubt littmann classic stethoscope is best stethoscope in India and has high quality parts, latest technology used, but it does have high price. Compared to other brand’s stethoscope, littmann has quite high price. Such high price cannot be affordable for many students but its one time investment; it has good durability as well.

So, these are the reasons, we highly recommend you all for the littmann classic stethoscope. If you are going buy new stethoscope, always go for the littmann.

Best Stethoscope in India for Medical Students (of Top Brand) 2018

The most essential instrument of your medical career, stethoscope is an imperative part of a doctor’s personality. The best stethoscope for medical students in India makes auscultation a far better experience for you and your patients. The right stethoscope could actually optimize your patient care level.

The best Indian stethoscope is the most precise tool that is going to assist you throughout your medical career. It will assist you in accurate diagnosis which can be followed by a good treatment.

Top 6 Best Stethoscope in India [2018]

Sr.NoProduct NameUser RatingsPrice
#01Littmann Classic Iii Stethoscope4.9/5
#02Rossmax Cardiology EB6004.8/5
#033M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope4.8/5
#04JSB S04 Sprague Rappaport4.7/5
#05Hi Tech Msi Microtone Stethoscope4.7/5
#06Healthgenie HG-401G4.6/5

Basically, stethoscope performs the function of detecting sound produced in the human body. The sound is conveyed through the ears of the listener when the other piece comes in contact with the area to be examined. The stethoscope is specially used for heart, chest and lungs. Any unusual murmur sound in the chest or lungs declare the presence of a disease.

The origin of stethoscope can be traced back to 1819, when a French physician La’nnec invented a crude model to hear sound from the chest cavity. His invention was purely based on his necessity. He felt uncomfortable to hear from the chest of women and the device added distance between her chest and his ears.

The best stethoscope in India can be considered as the diagnostic engine of the medical profession. This diagnostic engine can easily detect any kind of fault intervening the normal functioning of the body.

The kind of stethoscopes used now-a-days are the most recognizable equipments of medical profession. The Indosurgicals stethoscope reviews suggest that people automatically relate more to the doctors who have a stethoscope round their necks.

best stethoscopeBased on their working, requirement and outer circumstances, the most used medical tool by medical technicians or doctors can be divides in four major categories.

  1. Acoustic: The best-known stethoscope works on the acoustic air waves. The sound level is really low in these stethoscopes.
  2. Electronic: Their main function is to convert analog signals into digital one. They amplify the sound levels to deal with the high background noises.
  3. Fetal: As the name suggests, it is designed for pregnant women. Doctors or nurses use it to check fetal heartbeat.
  4. Doppler: This kind of stethoscope helps in detecting motion by reading sound waves.

Selecting a right stethoscope for you is an imperative task. It should go beyond the brand names, price and hearsay. Follow below given instructions to pick a quality stethoscope.

How to Choose the Best Stethoscope for Daily Use?

Intended use: The very first thing you need to look for while buying a stethoscope is its intended use. The best stethoscope brands in India go perfectly well if you want to use it for basic blood pressure check and sporadic examinations. A normal acoustic stethoscope will go well in this situation and you do not need to take out loan for electronic or fine-tunable stethoscope.

The case becomes totally different if you are a family doctor, primary veterinarian or emergency medical professional. In that case, most likely you will need a multiple sized diaphragm, maximum ambient noise isolation and a headset designed considering comfort in mind.

Chest Piece: The best stethoscope for doctors in India is available with different chest pieces. The design of the chest piece includes a bell and a diaphragm. Most of the medical professionals know well about the top 5 stethoscope brands but if you are unaware of the fact, it is better to experiment first 2-3 times. You need to find the best stethoscope under 1000 so that you can try different brands.

It is advised to prefer diaphragms made from non-chilling material because very few patients enjoy the touch of cold one.

Leaf spring: The presence of leaf spring assures that the stethoscope is not made from any cheap material. Leaf spring controls the tension of the headset tube. The weight of the material and the adjustability define the best stethoscope in India.

The one with large, tight and non-adjustable headsets may not suit one who is large headed and the loose fitted headset may not snug up properly to medical professionals with smaller heads.

Spending a few more bucks can assure you acoustic quality and a perfect fit.

Double or single tube: Choosing a single or double tube is a constant point of contention among medical professionals. Double wall tubing obviously increases the insulation. Being thicker, the sound directly reaches the ears through the tubes.

However, many reviews support the opposite. They say that single wall tubes are superior in every way. If you are under training or have just started your career, one or two sets are good enough to give you a good experience and decide your preference.

Hand polished tubing: Handcrafted stethoscopes are not better always but if the manufacturer has a good reputation, you should give it a try once. A poor polish on the outer surface gives it a poor look only but poor polish inside the tube reduces the acoustic performance.

On the whole, hand polishes features assure a superior acoustic performance.

Ear tip design: Stethoscopes with soft-silicone ear tips should be preferred. It ensures the comfortable wear ability. Secondly, material should be durable, scratches, crack proof and naturally disinfectant.

Material used: The lightweight, bacteria resistant material should be preferred. They last long and can withstand more consistent cleaning.

Advantages of Using Stethoscope

The most used medical instrument, stethoscope has a number of benefits. The capability and features of stethoscope may vary, but they all have a lot in common. We have listed a few advantages of the stethoscope. Have a look:

  1. Amplified sound output: The basic function of the stethoscopes is the amplification of the sound. It receives the sound, amplifies it and makes it easier and faster to reach the ears of the medical specialists. Sound amplification helps doctors to detect and determine the patient’s medical condition quickly.
  2. Ambient noise reduction: The earpiece of the stethoscope kind of insulates your ears from all the noises of the environment. It enables you to detect the internal body’s noises accurately.
  3. It is painless: A major advantage offered by the stethoscope is that is never causes any pain. It does not include any needles that puncture your skin but just skin contact. A few stethoscopes are so advanced that they do not need direct contact with your skin and can work over clothes as well.
  4. Little training: Using this medical instrument does not need much training at all. One just needs to have little knowledge about where to place the diaphragm in order to hear the sound. Stethoscopes are uncomplicated, simple to operate and quick.

Electronic stethoscopes have far more advantages than normal ones. They can even detect very weak humming sound coming from the heart. They have the ability to record and replay readings. The medical practitioner can use this saved data to transfer it to his patients or so.

In electronic stethoscopes, practitioners can alter the frequencies and increase the speed at some particular frequency. It ensures more accurate results and even better diagnosis.

Electronic stethoscopes also have digital meters that allow medical technicians to assess the visual displays of the sound they are looking for. It helps them to notice the auditory channels in a better way and detect the further things in a better way.

Which is The Best Glucometer Brand in India 2018?

Are You Searching for Which is the Best Glucometer in India?

Diabetes is not a rare disease anymore. It is such a common issue that normally one person every two families is suffering from it. The alarmingly high rate of change in blood sugar levels has made India, the Diabetes capital of the world. Around 50 million people in India are suffering from type-2 diabetes. To control this, we must spared awareness to check daily sugar level in blood with help of best Glucometer. The disease is posing enormous health hazards and there is very less awareness regarding how to control it.

Our Picks – Best Glucometer in India 2018

Sr.NoProduct NameUser RatingsPrice
#01Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer4.9/5
#02Accu Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter4.9/5
#03Truworth Diamond Prima Glucometer4.8/5
#04Dr. Gene Accu Sure Gm4.8/5
#05OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer4.8/5
#06Alere G1 Glucometer4.7/5
#07Truworth G-30 Glucometer Blue4.7/5

One ought to know that diabetes is a medical condition which is caused by insufficient production and secretion of insulin in pancreas. This chronic medical condition can be controlled and altered on initial level through a few lifestyle changes or administrating external insulin.

The best Glucometer review in India suggests that it is a small, computerized device that can monitor your blood sugar levels on a regular basis and saves you from the risk of fluctuation in it. The frequent monitoring of sugar level in your blood helps you to avoid any kind of serious health conditions. Like doing exercise is necessary for health, checking sugar level is that much important.

Despite taking all the precautions, your blood sugar levels can be very erratic at times. A certain type of food or your lethargic lifestyle can work as a catalyst at this place. The best glucometers in India lets you check your blood sugar level after every meal or at fixed time period and this way it helps you to control for eating and living habits. This way it helps to keep a check on your health all the time.

Market is full of a good variety of glucometers but each one is not perfect. The basic models of the best blood sugar test machine in India can only read blood sugar levels but the advanced ones can store the results in their memory.  You can choose the one that is suitable for you, based on their accuracy of measurement and time taken to provide results.

How to Choose the Best Glucometer in India?

This buyer’s guide will definitely help you to choose the best glucometer in India 2018 for you and your family.

Check Blood Sugar Level At HomeAccuracy: Accuracy is an important feature especially when the outcome is related to your health. The problem is that no meter can provide you 100% accurate results. The results are always within 10-15% of accuracy. The accuracy of the glucometer can also decreases with the time. Hence, try to pick a model that is open for calibrating and keep it checking with your doctor’s result every month. The most accurate glucose meter India will help you in many ways.

Cost and maintenance of the meter: Obviously, the initial cost of any product influence your buying decision in a huge way. In case of glucometers, the decision also depends on the cost of test strips which are to be consumed regularly. Compare the price of glucometer and test strips wisely. Prefer the best glucometer in India which has economical test strips because buying a meter is one time investment but test strips are the recurring cost of the meter.

Turnaround time: A few minutes may seem inconsequential when you are waiting for your test results. Some machine may take a minute to provide results while others may take less than 5 seconds to do the same. Prefer the quickest ones because your time is important.

Physical features: The appearance or physical features of any product plays a deciding role in its sale. A good-looking meter can probably make the blood test more bearable. The construction of the meter and the quality of its buttons leaves a huge impact on the patient. The best glucometer brands in India are deliberately styled.

Memory: The glucometer you choose must be able to store and retrieve the results later when required. The memory size of the meter should be sufficient for you. For example if you test your blood sugar level twice a day, the memory of the meter should be above 100 tests to keep a track of 20 days. A few models provide you with the benefit of downloading results on your mobile or PC.

Size of the meter: The size of the meter is another important feature. The compact size of the glucometers is fairly impressive. If you generally carry them along, the compact size makes it easier for you. Make sure the size of the meter fits your requirements.

Coding system: Some glucometers run on coding system. You need to insert a certain code before using a new set of test strips. It helps in delivering more accurate results.

Size of the blood sample: Look for the size of the blood sample before you choose the best glucometer. Smaller sample size means you need less blood to perform the blood test. Ideally, a 1-1.5 micro liter blood drop is enough to perform the test.

Ease to use: A few meters are difficult to use. Tell your pharmacist to show a few models and choose the one that is comfortable to use. Videos of a few models are also available that can guide you well.

Dealing with diabetes is not easy but it does not mean that your life should revolve around this condition. The best glucometer in India lets you check your blood sugar levels instantly anywhere and at anytime you want. The best glucometer brands in India are creating awareness In the country regarding these devices.

Benefits of Using Best Glucometer Daily

Dealing with diabetes maybe a compulsion but do not let your life revolve around it. Invest in glucometer and take a control on your disease. Glucometers can help you and make you lives easier and healthier in many ways. Have a look:-

  1. It enables you to see your current sugar levels- If you are someone who keeps so much busy with your daily schedules, glucometers can be savior for you. This small device can accompany you anywhere you go and keep a record of your blood sugar levels. The device can tell your blood sugar level in real time and you can set it easily to take your optimal levels into consideration.
  2. Know your history, predict your future: It is an extraordinary feature of the glucometers. It not only tells your history but has the ability to predict your future outcome as well. Trend arrows can show you where you’re your blood sugar level will reach in next 1, 3, 6 or 12 hours and how fast it will reach at the next step.
  3. Provides you required alerts: Sometimes, you get caught up in some event and forget to check your blood sugar levels. Meanwhile, your blood sugar levels can raise dangerously high or low. A few glucometers can offer alerts and notify you before your ignorance becomes a serious problem. This feature can prove more helpful in nights when you are sleeping.
  4. Trend waves: The trending waves can show you past, present and future graph description of blood sugar levels. It helps you in understanding you present in a better way and predicting your future. Basically, it lets you know how your lifestyle changes affect your blood sugar levels and how certain kind of food impacts your body.

All these points clear how important it is to use the best glucometer available in India. It helps you to achieve a better future or lifestyle.

Which is the Best Treadmill Brand Available in India ?

A good health is a key to successful life. With the changing time and circumstances our lives are controlled with the moving hands of the clock. Stress has made permanent space in our life and it affects our health in an adverse way. You should buy best treadmill in India for home use to stay fit.

Top 6 Best Treadmill in India [2018]

Product NameRunning SurfaceMotorized?WarrantyPrice
Powermax Fitness TDA-26051 X 18 inchesYES3 Years
Healthgenie 4112M123.5 X 42 CmYES3 Years
Quantico FS1260mm X 420 MMYES1 Year
Kobo TM-2011200 mm x 420 mmYES1 Year
Powermax Fitness TDM-100S44 X 16 inchesYES3 Years
Lifeline 4 in 1123.5 X 30 CmNO6 Months

In this rushing time, people hardly get any time to visit gyms or follow particular workout or diet schedules. The 9-5 corporate schedules have made people lazy and lethargic. They do not get any time to keep a regular check on their fitness schedules and to cope up with rigorous work.

best treadmill in indiaSuch circumstances generate a need to own special fitness equipment’s that can help you to track your fitness while staying at home. Though nothing can beat the benefits of an outdoor jog, treadmills are quite closer to it. The best treadmill in India is one of the one of the best options to follow a stimulating rigorous workout schedule at home that also keeps a check on your cardiovascular fitness.

Treadmills work more efficiently when compared to other fitness equipment’s because walking is effortless and natural. Being so natural, chances to stick this workout schedule increases.

While working out on a treadmill, you carry all your weight on your feet and that is where chances of weight loss increase. The body tends to lose more fat if the inclination level is high. A little extra work of swinging your arms in a tandem can simply increase the benefits.

You may feel stumped with the idea of buying a best treadmill for home use in India. Buying and using the best treadmill in India is a very sensible health decision. It is actually a lifeline home gym India that will actually benefit you throughout your life.

Points to Remember While Buying New Treadmill

A treadmill can be a great investment but the best budget treadmill in India may help you. We are introducing a treadmill buyer’s guide for you that will help you to choose the best treadmill brands for home use in India. Go through these treadmill tips before buying a new one to choose one among the best treadmills brands in India.

Cost of the treadmill

The cost of the product is always a first consideration while buying a big and expensive product. One always has a fixed budget while buying a product and finding a right product in your budget is itself a chore. To get the best product one must know what exactly he needs. If you intend to buy a treadmill under 15000, may not last as long but you can get the best treadmill under 30000 India. Any treadmill that will cost from 15-30000 will offer more stability and workout options.

One should always look for significant sales and discounts while looking for the best treadmill in India. The prices of the best treadmill in India in 2018 also differ as per Indian and International brands.

Your budget also depends on the number of persons who are going to use it. The professional models that cost more than one lac are not worthy for singular usage.

Space and placement

Before you go and shop for the treadmill measure the space of the place where you want to put the best treadmill for home use in India. You can opt for folding models in case you have confined space but that will cost you more and will exceed your budget. Folding models are perfect space-saving options though.

Measure the floor space and measure the size of the treadmill (L x B x H), also if you are measuring a folding treadmill. The length of the belt of the treadmill also varies according to the height of the user and whether the person is a runner or walker.

Motor and Horsepower

The working of the treadmills depends on its motors. When you intend to buy a treadmill, the first question that creeps in your mind is about its life. The answer of this question depends upon its motor. Normally treadmills have two motors. The first one drives the belt and the second one raises and lowers the incline.

Choosing the motor power can be confusing and one should look for continuous duty motor with at least 1.5 horsepower. The best treadmills in India which can be preferred for frequent running should have a horsepower of 2.5-3.0 horsepower. Powermax treadmill review India suggests that their power revolves between 1-2 Horsepower.

Look for the features you want to use

Most of the treadmills have special features that aids in cardio vascular training and improve your workout experience. For example preset workout programs, i-Pod compatible speakers, web browsers, TV etc. Read on for a short description of these special features.

Automated incline

Inclines in the treadmill makes your exercise schedule more interesting by varying your ride. Inclination makes work out easier on your joints, allows faster weight loss and supports better muscle definition. The inclination of most of the treadmills ranges between 10-20%. The inclination of trainer treadmills is maximum i.e. 40%.

Workout Programs

The built-in workout programs of the treadmill let you control its speed and inclination. Some treadmills offer a short workout program while others include dozens of routines. Kobo treadmill review suggests that some particular brands have optional add-on programs such as:

  • iFit: This online app enables you to download unlimited personalized workouts. Hundreds of video workouts are also available on this app. NordicTrack, HealthRider and ProForm are treadmill brands that have built-in iFit app.
  • Passport Virtual Active: The passport players help you with interactive videos. It immerse with your scenic settings with ambient sound. The video and audio adjusts with your speed. Passport works best with most treadmills by Horizon Fitness and Vision Fitness.

Weight capacity

The weight capacities of treadmill users generally range from 250-400 pounds. Choose the treadmill that can officially bear 50 pounds more than your body weight.


Check the auto-stop feature of the treadmill before you buy it. It is very important especially when you have elderly or infirm people around. It is important for young children and pets too. The auto-stop feature of the treadmill is controlled by a key. You have to attach this key to your body while you exercise. In case you slip, the key will automatically disengage and the treadmill will stop working.


You may also look for portable and smallest treadmills. They are usually lightweight and have transport wheels. You can easily store them under the bed, behind the table or in a closet.

Being an efficient exercise option, treadmills are suitable for persons of every age. Beginners, intermediates and experienced exercisers can choose different inclinations and speeds accordingly. You can create fat-burning, cardio or sprint exercises as per your need.

Benefits of Using Treadmill Daily

We have enlisted the benefits of using treadmill on a daily basis that will motivate and help you to create a daily schedule.

Easy to use

Out of all the exercising equipment’s, treadmills are probably easiest to use. Especially if you keep concerned about uneven terrain or face trouble walking uphill, the flat and predictable surface of the treadmill is best. The reason behind the popularity of the treadmill is its easy to use feature.

Good for heart

Treadmill workout is considered best for your heart. The muscles of heart are challenged by walking, jogging, sprinting or running. A 30-minute workout session on the treadmill elevates your heart rate and improves your cardio capacity and stamina. It is one of the best exercises to improve the overall health of your heart. You strengthen your heart each time you step on a treadmill.

Better blood cholesterol

As we know, we can classify cholesterol as good and bad. High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) is good cholesterol which decreases the risk of artery blockage and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. A regular 30-minute treadmill workout boosts HDL by 5%.

Low Impact workout

Aerobics, jogging and jumping rope are exercises that want you to leave the surface from both feet. It may affect your joints and jumping on the asphalt floor can make you feel uncomfortable. Treadmill surface is comparatively more comfortable and forgiving.

Weight loss

This is a pretty much obvious effect of running on the treadmill. Running on a treadmill for 20 minutes at a speed of 6 mph enables you to burn 229 calories. And if by chance you kick to the speed of 8 mph, you can burn around 300 calories. Combining your workout sessions with a healthy diet will enable you to lose weight in no time.


Treadmills are convenient to use equipment’s. You do not need to dress and up and visit the gyms. You can simply use them in your house right in your comfort zone. No matter if you are trying to lose weight or build muscles, using treadmill at your home will keep your schedule intact.

Tracks your progress

It enables you to track your progress like workout time, speed or number of calories burned in a simple manner.

So, now you know that treadmills can work best for you. It is not that difficult to locate the best budget treadmill in India.

Benefits of Using Whey Protein Supplements

If you are sticking on a regular workout and are very particular about your diet of lean protein, fiber-rich food, vitamin rich fruits and good quality carbohydrates but still waiting for transformation results, you need something extra. This something extra will help you to transform into big-bodies muscle head.

#7 Benefits of using Whey Protein Supplements

benefits Protein SupplementsWhey protein supplement is this something extra. Introduce it in your diet and make it a part of your daily routine. It not only helps you in body building but has several other benefits too.

It makes you lose extra fat and preserves your muscles

This fact got revealed during research. In that research it was concluded that reducing calorie intake helps you in losing weight in a very slow manner. Taking whey protein in routine helps you to lose a significant amount of body fat (6.1%) and preserves your muscles. Whenever you feel a snacking urge, go for whey protein shake or whey energy bar.

It increases your size and strength

The best part of using whey protein is it helps you to expand in a right way. It increases fat-free mass in your body. According to the research study whey should be consumed one hour before and after the exercises. If consumed as prescribed, whey can give more accurate results. It for sure increases your stamina and strength to work out more.

 Whey keeps you full

If one wants to develop a bowling ball-shaped physique, he needs to control hunger at any cost. Protein shakes keep you fill and reduces hunger pangs. So always prefer a protein shake instead of munching on any snacks. In this way, you will end up consuming fewer calories on the whole.

 It fights cancer

Too much of your surprise, whey protein helps you to fight with cancer. Being a genetic disease it may attack you if you have a cancer history in your family. Regular screenings are a good way to avoid the risk of the cancer. Supplementing your diet with whey protein can keep you safe with a better impact on your nervous, gastrointestinal and immune system.

Stress Management

A lot of people are observed to reach alcohol at the time when they are stressed. There is good news for them. Researchers have concluded that people who have experienced mild pangs of depression can be cured with the help of whey protein. So when you add whey protein supplement in your diet you are less likely to face stress.

Boost immunity

Another reason to supplement your diet with whey protein is that it improves immunity. Daily dose of whey protein reduces glutathione levels significantly which has a positive effect on the immune system.

Easy to carry

It is probably the best take away snack which can be easily carried. You can fill yourself anytime, anywhere or can combine it with any meal of your choice. This take away snack increases the anabolic effect of weight training and increases muscle fiber size with maximizing strength.

These are the benefits of taking protein supplements. Try this after your gym instructor or doctor’s advise, for more updates on health topics, keep visiting us.

Important Benefits of Using Treadmill At Home

Everyone wants to work out in order to maintain the shape and an attractive body. It has become as obsession nowadays. Each person has his different fitness goals. We all want to stay fit but at the same time we hate to visit gym. Or simply what if one can’t take out time to visit gyms or fitness classes. Then how would one attain the fitness goals.

Treadmill benefitsIn the venture to lose weight, one must have come across best treadmills. A device used for walking, running or climbing while you stay at the same place is known as treadmill. With this largest selling exercise equipment you can control your walking or jogging speed by changing the speed of the machine. Working out on treadmill strengthens your heart and stabilize your Blood Pressure. It improves your blood circulation and reduces the stress.

#7 Benefits of Using Treadmill At Home

Using a treadmill at your home has many benefits, more than you can think actually. We are listing a few of them:

  1. Machine that burn maximum calories: A vigorous work out on treadmill burns more calories as compared to many machines. A 60-minute treadmill workout burns around 705-865 calories.
  2. Time Flexibility: If you have treadmill at your home you can use it whenever you want. You can finish your chores as per your requirement and can work out at any time interval you want. No pressure to go to gym or work out classes at a particular time will reduce more stress.
  3. No time boundation: You can use your treadmill for as much time as you want. So no one will kick you off just because your time is up. Your home treadmill gives you freedom to use it a little more or less. You need not rush to gym earlier just to use treadmill a little more.
  4. Clothes of your choice: Isn’t it frustrating to match t-shirts and lowers each time while going to gym. A lot of energy is wasted in it. If you work out at your home you need not worry about rugged t-shirts or if your clothes do not match. Wear loud sweat pants, shorts or anything you want.
  5. Workout without boredom: Working out in the gym can be very boring and mentally tiring at times. But when you are working out at home you have lots of scope to entertain yourself. Switch on the TV and check out your favorite TV show. Plug in your favorite music and enjoy your exercise time. Have kids? No issues. Let them watch their favorite TV and spend time with them.
  6. Get the body you want: There is a fact that if it is possible to work out at any interval of time, chances to transform body increases. The process of shaping up your body speed up and you will get into the desired shape sooner.
  7. If you hate gym business: A lot of people hate going to gyms and working out on heavier machines. Treadmill is a simple machine that keeps you healthy and fit.

So avoid the embarrassment of going to gym and use this simplified and easy to use device and achieve your fitness level.

Why We need to Check Blood Pressure Regularly ?

You should have heard about Blood Pressure increased or decreased from a lot of people. It is such a common problem nowadays. A lot of people here and there are suffering from this and most of the times it go unnoticed. First of all, everyone should know what the Blood Pressure is and why it is necessary to check it regularly.

check Blood PressureBlood Pressure is the strength with which blood is pushing against the sides of your blood vessels. Increase in one’s Blood Pressure is known Hypertension. One out of every ten persons suffers from Hypertension. It remains undiagnosed initially and by the time it is diagnosed it continues damaging your body.

Reasons why You Should Check your Blood Pressure (BP) Regularly

Hypertension is a kind of cardiovascular condition that increases the risk of heart disease, stroke or even death. So now you know that Blood Pressure is the primary concern of one’s health. These few points clear how important it is to assess Blood Pressure on regular basis.

  • It should be tested regularly because it is known as silent killer. Headaches, dizziness or nausea can be the symptoms of initial phase of hypertension but these symptoms are generated by mood swings, extreme stress or tension. This is when regular BP monitoring helps you. You can know the real reason behind these symptoms.
  • Blood Pressure is known as the silent killer. While you are going through a normal day, high Blood Pressure may be damaging your arteries or heart without giving a hint. If you are aged, obese, physically inactive or diabetic, your chances of hypertension increase. Home monitoring of Blood Pressure in such cases is necessary.
  • Only regular monitoring of Blood Pressure will help you in diagnosing this culprit. A regular check-up will enable the doctors to find the real treatment for you. Even after the commencement of treatment, regular monitoring will confirm if the treatment is working or not.
  • Patients suffering from high Blood Pressure are prone to different complications like hyperlipidemia, kidney diseases, hyperthyroidism and heart diseases. A regular monitoring will help the patient to overcome most of the emergencies. If you are monitoring your Blood Pressure regularly, complications and emergencies can be avoided.

The easy and effective way to keep record of Blood Pressure is to monitor it at home. It will help to navigate symptoms properly and assessing reasons behind it. A patient diagnosed with hypertension should keep the track of one’s Blood Pressure at home. In most of the cases true diagnosis can be done at home only because self-testing allows you to monitor it at the time of peaks periods as well.

One can purchase at-home Blood Pressure monitoring machine to keep a track of it. Choose an at-home monitor that can match your requirements. It should be easy and comfortable to use. A sphygmomanometer is most accurate for the purpose. This simple and effective monitor is known to give accurate results. Remember to maintain proper positioning while monitoring your Blood Pressure and always keep a track of it.